Written by Maurizio Rippa
Performed by Maurizio Rippa (voice) and Amedeo Monda (guitar)
Presented by 369gradi

A goodbye, an intimate and personal moment, which finds strength in music. Each song brings back a memory. Each funeral is told by those who have left by taking a journey in the life they lived. Little Funerals is a moving and sweet show capable of welcoming pain and turning it into a rebirth.

Singer (contraltista) and actor. Maurizio studied Baroque singing and practice. He was directed by some of the greatest Italian theater directors – Carmelo Bene and Antonio Latella, among the others. With Latella, he collaborated in seven of his productions in Italy, Germany and Austria. As a contralto, he has performed several editions of music by Pergolesi, Vivaldi, Monteverdi as well as other baroque works in various European Festivals. Maurizio sings as a soloist in various events. He also writes and interprets the text “In music there is everything, you’d better stand still”, which gain a special mention at the first edition of the – Dante Cappelletti Festival, while “Little funerals” was selected for the prestigious Italian festival I teatri del Sacro 2019 edition.

AMEDEO MONDA began playing guitar at the age of 12 under the guidance of maestro Paolo Bernardini. In 2012 he started a collaboration with the “Teatro dello Sbaglio” of Grosseto. Since 2014 he is guitarist in the Tuscan group “Orchestra Matterella”. From 2016 he collaborates as a composer for stage music and actor with the “Gruppo della Creta” theater company (Rome). In 2016, he worked as a guitarist/arranger with the National Italian TV RAI director Massimo Cinque. In 2017, he graduated from the Siena Conservatory “Rinaldo Franci”. As a guitarist and arranger, he participated in the IV and V edition of the Festival of EcoLogical Theater in Stromboli, where he met Maurizio Rippa.


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