The In Scena! Award 2023 is

RENATO MIRACCO  is a scholar, art critic, and curator from Naples, Italy. He served as the Cultural Attaché of the Italian Embassy from 2010 to 2018. In 2013, he organized a series of more than 300 events to celebrate and explore the impact of Italian culture in the United States. As Attaché, Miracco supervised all of the Italian Embassy’s exhibitions, organized the Italy@150 program in partnership with over 80 museums across the United States, and helped organize a Memorandum of Understanding on Archaeology between the governments of Italy and the United States. Miracco’s previous roles included Director of Chiara Fama for Cultural Affairs for the Italian Cultural Institute in New York from 2007–09, Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, and Advisor for the Venice Biennale.Miracco has lectured at Pratt Institute and other universities and institutions across the globe and has curated exhibitions at prestigious museums and collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Phillips Collection, the National Gallery of Art, the Morgan Library and Museum, Centre Pompidou, the Estorick Collection, and the Tate Modern.

The 2023 In Scena! Award Artwork is by Paolo Campagnolo

PAOLO CAMPAGNOLO was born in Rome in 1965. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. From 1989 to 1995, he lived between London, Berlin, and Rome and worked all around the world from Istanbul to Tokyo, from New York to Sidney.

For many years Paolo has worked with Salvo Biondo, and, as artistic duo CampagnoloBiondo, they developed a three-dimensional body of art. Three-dimensionality is inspired by contemporary Expanded Painting; meanwhile, the lesson of Lucio Fontana’s Spatialism comes out in the use of canvas as a material, no longer as support. This approach is also expressed by the creation of real “art boxes.”

The numerous sculptured tapestries by the artist are the result of a choice of shape and form that takes the spectator on a fascinating journey. The artist exploits the potential of two, apparently distant, materials such as metal and canvas to create his supple and brilliant artworks. The canvas becomes matter to be molded, and the shaped matter changes according to the light and the interferences given by the environment that surrounds the artwork.

In the collection of portraits, Paolo Campagnolo newly revises the idea of myth itself and hero, often embodied by movie stars. Technique, myth, collective consciousness merge into this unexampled artistic expression. The sparkling light of the mythological image of the faces that embodied it and of the film that engraves it can corrode over time, without extinguishing its gilding.

Secret Essence of Italy (In Scena! Award sponsor) is an organization conceived and created by Liria Ingallina to strengthen the cultural bond between Italy and the United States through the universal language of art, expressed by the creativity of great emerging Italian talents. The goal is to promote and present in the United States this “secret essence” of the Italian Country. The artists and designers proposed by Secret Essence of Italy are emerging talents who, despite being still relatively unknown to the large international public, have created masterpieces inspired by the ancient history of Italy, the flavors and colors of the Mediterranean with an eye to the future that makes them unique. The mission of Secret Essence of Italy is to tell, show and promote through the works of these artists and designers, an unexplored path that we consider culturally interesting, visually disruptive and extraordinarily innovative.

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