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Adapted from the original play by Eduardo De Filippo and directed by Rosario Sparno,
Performed by Luca Iervolino, Antonella Romano & Rosario Sparno,
Costumes by Alessandra Gaudioso, Magic Tricks Coach Massimiliano Foà,
Produced by Casa del Contemporaneo

Everything that happens before your eyes is just an illusion. On the 40th anniversary of one of the passing of Eduardo De Filippo, one of the most important Italian playwrights, Rosario Sparno presents his own adaptation for only three actors of “The Great Magic”, the 1948 play by De Filippo about theatrical illusion and obsessional delusion.

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Written by Luana Rondinelli,
Directed by Giovanni Carta,
Performed by Luana Rondinelli and I Musicanti:
Gregorio Caimi – Guitar,
Enzo Toscano – Cello,
Debora Messina – Voice
Produced by I Musicanti

The compelling human and judicial story of Francesca Serio, the first woman to denounce the mafia and mother of Salvatore Carnevale, the trade unionist barbarously killed by the mafia on May 16, 1955.

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Written & Performed by Beppe Allocca,
Directed by Beppe Allocca and Roberta Provenzani

An exhilarating storytelling that through biblical stories, fashion writers and artisans tells the origins of the rag-pickers (cenciaioli), the artisans from Prato (Tuscany) who have been recycling used clothing since 1850.

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Written & Performed by Monica Faggiani

An Almost Stand up show where the protagonist tells her story and her challenges as a feminist and as a mother of a teenage son.

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Written & Directed by Eduardo Di Pietro,
Performed by Renato Bisogni, Alessandro Errico, Marco Montecatino,
Assistant Director Cecilia Lupoli,
Costume Design by Federica Del Gaudio,
Organization Martina Di Leva,
Produced by Collettivo lunAzione

The visit is inspired by the admission system for weekly meetings with inmates at the Poggioreale prison in Naples. The tragicomic show presents situations experienced by women queuing to enter prison: a perpetual wait in daring and tense conditions, which outlines a symbolic humanity, crushed by the apparent impossibility of change. The actors were an integral part of the creative phase through a stage writing process and by participating in a series of interviews with women who have experienced or are experiencing deep ties with the penal institution.

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Written & Directed by Salvatore Arena and Massimo Barilla,
Performed by Salvatore Arena,
Set Design by Aldo Zucco, Lighting Design by Stefano Barbagallo, Original Music by Luigi Polimeni,
Historical Consultants Giuseppe Gullotta & Nicola Biondo,
Produced by Mana Chuma Teatro 

At the age of 18, Giuseppe Gulotta is forced to confess to the murder of two policemen in a small barracks in Alcamo. The crime hides an unspeakable mystery: statesmen who deal with neo-fascist groups, arms trafficking and drugs. In order to cover up the silence, any scapegoat would do. Through the “human” story of Giuseppe (but also those of Salvatore and Carmine – the other designated scapegoats) the play attempts to give justice to its personal dimension, that of a life nearly entirely taken away for dreadful reasons. The performance is the last chapter of the quadrilogy A Sud della Memoria that Mana Chuma has devoted to the contemporary history of Southern Italy.

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Written by Carolyn Cage, Translated by Edy Quaggio, Directed by Ester Tatangelo and Luchino Giordana, Performed by Valentina Valsania, Assistant Director Giulia Cosentino, Music by Arturo Annecchino, Lighting Designer Diego Laboni, Set Design by Francesco Ghisu, Costume Design by Ilaria Capanna,
Produced by Hermit Crab Production

Giovanna returns to share her story with contemporary women, unmasking through documents the misogyny of the male leaders of the Church, State and Army. A teenager fleeing from a violent and alcoholic father, from a destiny of wife and mother, which had already marked her mother and sister. Giovanna dies for the right to wear men’s clothes, she is a rebel, irreverent, more cunning than her judges, unrepentant and unswervingly faithful to her own vision.

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An idea by Annachiara Vispi and Giulia Macrì, Written and Directed by Annachiara Vispi, Choreography by Giulia MacrìPerformed by Valentina Ghelfi and Giulia Macrì, Sound Design by Lorenzo Saini, Presented in collaboration with Dominio Pubblico

This is Giulia. Like 55% of us, Giulia lives in a city. It is predicted that by 2050, almost 70% of us will live in a city – two thirds of the people on the planet. Giulia wonders if we’ll all fit. Giulia doubts it. A piece for an actor and a dancer set on an imaginary Rome metro car/Paris RER line/New York subway/seat on the Tube/last Dart home. In cities we feel invisible, Giulia thinks. Or free.

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By and With Maria Cassi and Leonardo Brizzi
produced by Compagnia Maria Cassi
presented by Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo’

Small “musical” jokes through musical gags, catchphrases, human and non-human tics, passing through musical arrangements ranging from jazz to classical and popular music. An almost mimed performance, as per Maria Cassi’s tradition, assisted for the occasion at the piano by Maestro Brizzi.