Co-founded in 1998 in the historic Banknote Building in Hunts Point by the celebrated and award-winning dancer/choreographer Arthur Aviles and writer/activist/publicist Charles Rice-Gonzalez, BAAD! (The Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance ) began as a home for Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre, a contemporary dance company that explores works on the margins of Latino and queer cultures.

After 14 years of building community, creating an identity, and contributing to the transformation of the Hunts Point neighborhood, BAAD! was forced to leave its home due to increasing rents.

Aviles and Rice-Gonzalez preserved and like a phoenix rising from South Bronx flames, they moved in October 2013 to the gothic revivalist building on the grounds of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Westchester Square. Without skipping abeat it continued its programming and service to artists.

Since its inception, BAAD! has garnered local and national attention for blazing a path for professional dance and art in the Bronx. In 1999, The New York Times crowned BAAD! “a funky and welcoming performance space” and Theater Journal has said, “they have created a space for art in an environment that seems antithetical to that act.” The organization has been the subject of works and books by scholarly writers and has received many awards including a Mayor’s Art and Culture Award. BAAD! has had major feature articles and reviews in The New York Times, The NY Daily News, New York Post, EL Dario, The New Yorker, Dance Magazine, Time-Out New York, and in major television and radio outlets.

BAAD! has bloomed into a nationally-recognized arts organization firmly situated as a stakeholder in the Bronx that brings a queer perspective to the socio-political/cultural dialogue of our borough and city. BAAD!’s arts programming gives voice to artists from underrepresented demographics and aids in dismantling paradigms of social injustices including sexism, racism, and homophobia in the Bronx and beyond.

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