Mario Fratti Award

Mario fratti Award Victoria Febrer
Mario Fratti Award Image by Victoria Febrer

 The winner of the Mario Fratti Award 2017 is: 

Il Paese dalla Facce Gonfie di Paolo Bignami

The artistic direction of the Festival announces that this forth edition of the Mario Fratti Award goes to Paolo Bignami’s Il paese delle face gonfie The Country of the Swollen Faces” – for the following reasons:

It is an actively involved work in denouncing a world that ignores human rights. It is the author’s intention to develop the desire of change and revolution. It is a beautiful dramaturgical piece in which the monological structure finds its meaning in the fact that the protest, the “revolution,” is accomplished by one in spite of the many. Since the first few lines, a well-defined and well-structured theatricality emerges, the narrative passes through a well-designed character and with resolved dramatic depth, well describing the reality beyond imagination. The lightness of the poetic tone of the drama is striking.

The winning play was selected, along with the two other finalists “Malamerica” by Cincenza Costantino and “Me soru Maria” by Nunzia Lo Presti, by a jury composed of Mario Fratti, Honorary President, along with Ilaria Nocito, journalist and theater critic, two 2016 In Scena artists: Emanuele Vezzoli, actor and director, and Mauro Santopietro, actor and dramaturg, Kira Ialongo, director, founder and president of the Teatro Azione, Roma, Marta Mondelli, actress and dramaturg.

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Per consultare il bando: Bando Unico Finale 2017

Si richiede anche una lettera di presentazione da parte dell’autore che spieghi come il testo si inserisce nel tema dell’anno, nel caso del 2017: RIVOLUZIONE.



Mario Fratti Award - Carlotta Corradi
Mario Fratti Award – Carlotta Corradi winner with Via dei Capocci  of the first Mario Fratti Award in 2014


Reading of Mater Familias bi Lorenzo Pisano winner of 2015 Mario Fratti Award.
Reading of Mater Familias bi Lorenzo Pisano winner of 2015 Mario Fratti Award.


Emanuele Aldrovandi, author of Butterflies, receives the Mario Fratti Award 2016 – Third edition – at the Italian Cultural Institute.